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I just bought some gear from my old church for really cheap. I got three Behringer Composer compressors and two Yamaha D1030 Delay processors, all for $65. I know its a really good deal but I can hardly find out anything about the D1030. Apparently I found that it retailed for $1149? Anyone who knows anything about this processor and what it may be worth now please post or email me at Thanks.


AudioGaff Wed, 08/08/2007 - 16:47

Welcome to RO. The Yamaha D1030 is an obsolete high end outboard digital delay. If you have ever used an outboad digital delay, then you already know what it is and what it can do. As to it's value, not much these days. It likely will have it's most value in a FOH/PA system or as part of a guitar effects rig.