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delay is picking up previous vocals


Hi! i am trying to use the WavesH delay on a couple single lyric words in pro tools, i have the half bar delay on a bus track and am feeding the audio into the aux by automation but when i feed in the audio for the one word i want delayed, it has all the previous lyrics also flooding in. is there a way to only activate the h delay plugin when i tell it to?

Audio Interface With Built-in Delay

Are there any audio interfaces (preferably firewire), that have built-in delay?
I've yet to see one (although many have other built-in effects).
It would need to have hardware routing (not much point in built-in delay, just for recording).
I have a setup that requires sending a delayed signal and we've been doing it with Reaper (software routing and delay).

Delay - what do you like?

Not a delay setting per se', but a type of delay, be it a plug (Waves, Sonitus, Blue Tubes, Lexicon, Kjaerhus, etc) or even perhaps an actual outboard model, and any reasons you prefer one over another.

Although, your preferences as to what delay settings you like on particular instruments or scenarios is more than welcome as well!


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