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Yamaha Pro Audio, Inc. is a division of the Yamaha Corporation that offers a complete line of beginner professional audio products for the live sound and sound reinforcement markets.

Cheap Spring Reverb Solution Volume III

Hello all,

I made a third instalment to my video series about cheap spring reverb solutions. This time I talk about using an old mixing board with a built in tank. Hope you enjoy!

I hope to start a discussion on this thread. What is your cheapest piece of gear you use on your recordings? Any hidden gems (uh oh hope we don't drive up the prices of anything!!)



Yamaha PM-180 Recap and PCB Trace Repairs

This one is now on the desk. The unit is pretty good shape, others some minor signs of liquid "ingestion" on the top panel. The unit looks stock, and I can see a few bubbled electrolytic in there.
 All and all a nice build, with tiny input transformers on the 6 mic/line ins, and two output transformers on the XLR outs.
The owner says the EQ is sounds great when it works. The EQ is interesting because its a passive tone stack with tantalum caps.

Using Phantom Power through a Yamaha Q2031 analog EQ

Hello, I need help figuring out if I can do something or not without breaking anything. I got my nephew an M-Audio AIR 192|4 audio interface that came with a condenser mic that requires phantom power to work. He uses to produce some decent stuff, and I'm getting him a Yamaha Q2031 31 band analog EQ to use with it this year. I know he can use it for the 1/4" guitar input no problem but I'm worried that using the XLR connection for the mic with the phantom power input enabled will hurt the equalizer, audio interface or mic.

60 mm fader for Yamaha 03D, 01V, ProMix 01, AW4416, AW2816 questions

A tech is currently refurbishing my Yamaha 03D console, whose ergonomics, MIDI implementation and built-in effects I love (I'm more creative with this old console, which I can play like a synth to create crazy sounds, than with newer ones).

Unfortunately, most of its faders are dead and Yamaha doesn't supply them anymore. It's almost impossible to find them new on the net, or not enough of them. If my info is correct, their part number is VZ523400, and they are exactly the same as for the 01V (original version), ProMix 01, AW4416, AW2816.

Yamaha 02R96 DSP7-ATSC error & bugs

Hey guys,

For some time, my 02R96V2 in v2.4 have bugs. Error message "ASSERT File sed1330s.c. Line 397" Everything is frozen and all I have to do is reboot..
From time to time, it also freezes on the FLASH UPDATE menu "Waiting data ..." without any particular action, at boot or in use. In short, the situation becomes critical.

After a hard reset, I launched the check program (display + AUX4) to make a diag, everything is ok except 9: SIO CONNECTION ATSC-> DSP7

Recording a Yamaha C3E Grand Piano

My audio interface is Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 and it records straight to SD. I want to record my Yamaha C3E grand piano in a way that I won't ever need to go to a studio. I currently use Zoom H2n. I want to record 4-8 hours per day. Solo, duets, four hands etc. I have a list of microphones in matched pairs (many of them are stereo too). Which one will give me super professional results? Keep in my mind that my room is not treated so I need something to cancel the room as much as possible.