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Hi everyone,

I have decided to launch a Youtube Channel "Mix It Up" to share my lessons learned as I try to improve as a musician, songwriter, arranger and a mixer. There will be various segments and it will develop based on your feedback.

I have just released the first episode of "Arranging Things" where I dissect a song I wrote "Wolf's Skin". As a bonus, I am leaving a link to stems and also a collection of free plugins that you can get started with mixing a complete song. As a further bonus, I made a rough mix using only free plugins in Reaper, which you can download all from YouTube video description.

Here is a link to the video:

If you like it, I would appreciate a like and subscribe. I hope to bring you more content in the coming months.

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pcrecord Tue, 04/14/2020 - 05:07

Nice work !!
Just a few tips :

  • Set you cam to a fix exposer ( not auto ISO or else )
  • On a long video, try to insert other images instead of just you talking.. Screen captures, pictures etc.. (try OBS)
  • Youtube encoding is a mess, if you upload a 4K version (even if upscaled) it will be encoded in VP9 after a few hours (better colors and grain)

You have a very nice start there Jonathan, if I go back to my early videos, they were hitting in all directions.. (colors, concept etc..)
It's fun to see that you dig your music very much... Be proud it shows, like they say ! ;)
I wish you great success with your channel !

DogsoverLava Fri, 05/01/2020 - 11:00

Hey Jon -- been watching a few videos and I'm really interested in the arc of how these are going to evolve and develop for you. One suggestion to make right now is to consider that video is itself a visual medium and ask yourself how you can harness the power of video as a medium to augment or accomplish what you want with your videos. I'm digging the analysis for sure - I'm a huge AIC fan too - I really liked that one.

I know you might only be working with a single camera which is cool - you may also want to record simultaneously your DAW sessions on the computer in real time with your video so you can cut to the actual session (and the session's audio) when you reference things on your screen. This will allow you to still film your videos using one camera/one take - but allow you to punch in and out of the DAW playback when you put your videos together in post. There are some clever ways to sync the audio/video when you do this -- you can basically start recording your DAW session and have an audio track on record in the start that you can do the old hand clap that your camera audio and your DAW audio picks up at the same time, and then you can align everything up later in post. You can also basically film some stuff as B reels ---- When you take some video that doesn't need audio sync after the fact -- like for your Kemper video you could have had a few clips of the Kemper that you could cut to -- with some camera movement etc... These two strategies would definitely unlock some of the medium's power or you.

Anyway -- keep going - I'm enjoying what you've done so far for sure.