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4x12 Frankenstein and Ohm's Law

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I have a Fender Stage 100h and a Crate GX412S cabinet and I'm interested in modifying the cab to be a 2x12. I want to do this to eliminate some excessive low-end Hz from the cab and possibly create a new 2x12 or a set of nearfields. Crate doesn't have any info on the drivers but I know they are 16 ohms each.
I also want to record my amp from the line out to my MOTU 1224.

What would the proper wiring set-up be to match the 8 ohm load from the amp? (Parallel or Parallel/Series)

Is it safe to run a solid-state amp without a speaker connected and if so would a balanced +3 line out from the amp be a strong enough signal to get into a MOTU 1224 interface which is rated +4? Does the amp act as a "pre-amp" before the interface?

Do you know where I can find in-depth technical specs for speakers made by SLM Electronics for Crate cabinets? (I've tried a search engine but no dice)

Thanks for your time and I hope you can help me. :)


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Kurt Foster Thu, 10/17/2002 - 11:00
Run out of the guitar amp to first speaker + & -, run in paraell to 2nd speaker + & -. The cool thing to do with a 4 /12 cab is make it stereo....I never run any amp without a speaker connected but the +3 output should work fine for your motu input. You best bet for Crate info would be someone who sells them......Fats

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