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OHMygosh i think i have a problem

I have a few Crown itechs powering my EAW dc2s. When i go into their on screen monitor into the ohm page it should tell me how many ohms each side is pulling correct?
Well one Itech, i have a total of 4, is telling me its pulling 250 ohms and says high. i know thats high but does this also mean there is no draw from that speaker pulling from that amp? This probably means the speakers in that box that are being driven by that amp arent functioning correctly? possibly blown?


ps sorry about the pun

Two 8 ohms speakers in series vs. one 16 ohm speaker

I have a simple question. I am going to build one of these for recording:
I greatly prefer the sound of 16 ohm loads over 8 ohms.

I was thinking I would get a 2x12 and use two 8 ohm V30s in series. But how would the sound compare to using a 1x12 with 1x16 ohm V30?

Only Micing one of the speakers here with an SM58. High gain guitar amp.



Will I have any problems if I connect a 4 ohms speakers like the JBL Control 1 to a receiver that is rated 8 ohms or higher only? If I will get problems what should I do so I can somehow play the speakers without problems?

question abouts ohms, chaining speakers...

Ok, so basically, I'm trying to think about how i'm gonna set up the pa system my band is going to be buying, we're gonna have 2 15" Yamaha clubv mains which run at 8 ohms. now i think i read somewhere that if you chain 2 speakers together, if they were originally at 8 ohms, they would then run at 4 ohms each? is this true. also, how exactly do you bridge a power amp, and if the power amp is bridged, is it ok to chain the speakers together?

How many Ohms is too many?

Beginner question here...

I have a vintage altec mixer / preamp I'm trying to run straight into my mbox. It has links to wire it for 600ohms or 150ohms.

Which one would have the best recording quality, considering this is an all tube mixer? Obviously I'd be adjusting the input gain on the mbox accordingly... but in the end does it really make a difference?


If I run my JBL MR Series at 4ohms will it harm them?

I have started buying used JBL Sound Reinforcement such as MR Series and even some old school Cabaret Series. I've been taking the Cabarets apart and totally restoring them inside and out. Fortunatly I have a Certified JBL Speaker Tech in my neighborhood to do the recones and I'm a painter by trade so after a coat of low lustre oil enamel the cabinets are looking and sounding brand spanking new when I'm done with them. So far over the past 7 months I've purchased 2 pairs of MR 822 and 2 pairs of MR 825 as well as a pair of TR225 and a pair of Cabaret 4628b's.


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