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hi! the speakers to be powered should take about 170 watts if hi-passed at 80 hz.

the specs on Alesis look good, and especially the price looks good, however, there seems to be some resentment towards Alesis ... can somebody please educate me ? (seriously, i don't know much)

what (if any) worthy Amps of 130-200wpc into 8 ohm are there in this price range ? the amp i have now does .05%tHD at 1khz half power and .9%tHD rated power 20-20k. trying to get an amp that would be more transparent (i was thinking better distortion and noise floor numbers) but the budget is tight ...



Scott Gould Wed, 01/02/2002 - 20:47

Gee, what an original way to make new friends...

Seriously, I just got back in town after the holidays, & so did a lot of other people,I suspect. Have a little patience. I'm not familiar with the RA500. I am familiar with the RA100, and I own and use a Matica500. It's a very good amp for the money. What other amps are you considering? (as anything Alesis is possibly disappearing soon & tech support has all but dried up).
So, I gave you a tiny bit of help in spite of your childishness. If you come back & play nice there are a lot of people better informed than myself who will be willing to help, too.


anonymous Thu, 01/03/2002 - 19:29

thanx for replying! sorry, i had to try something :)

Matica500 close enough :) does it seem like it lives up to its specs? how quiet is it with no input signal if you put your ear against the tweeter? What about sound...i am looking for something that sounds hm.. dull, black, empty (especially in upper midrange and treble) for something that has no character whatsoever.

are there any kind of problems with it like hum, etc.? i was actually LOOKING for suggestions on alternatives, but so far, maybe ADCOM or PARASOUND.

thanx again.

Scott Gould Fri, 01/04/2002 - 10:56

Hmmm... it's tough to answer your questions, since the sound of an amp (or anything else) is hard to put into words unless there's something really out of whack. I find it to be very quiet and very flat - but I've only heard it through one set of speakers, so that might not mean anything (except the quiet part). Your best bet would be to buy one from a dealer with a good return policy & test drive it for yourself. I can't suggest other amps as I have switched to internally bi-amped monitors (Mackies & ADAMs) for my main monitoring chores. I use the Matica with a pair of Monitor 2s for mix translation checking, not critical mixing. Maybe someone else could chime in at this point - anyone?