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Anybody have any opinions on the AMEK Bullet Tac B2?


moonbaby Sun, 06/07/2009 - 00:03

I do...
Why do you ask? Are you technically-inclined so that you can replace components like switches, capacitors and resistors (if you can still locate them)? You posted this in the "Pro Recording Forum", but the Bullet was marketed towards the budget-minded live-sound-for-hire business. I would question whether that model's noise level would be suitable for modern recording applications where the dynamic range is much wider.

I owned a TAC Scorpion back in the late 80's, bought it new. Right off the bat, I had issues with the desks' ground plane and the transformerless inputs. I'd set up in one venue, the board would be as quiet as a mouse.
A week later, a different venue, that same board would hum louder than a hooker on dollar day. It drove me crazy. When the mixer got a couple of years on it, the power supply started to get sketchy. I eventually dumped the board for a Yamaha. In fact, in the end it was the Jap boards (Yamaha and Ramsa) that did TAC in.
This might be a cool retro piece in the right context, IF you are up to the technical challenges. Otherwise...