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Neve started ARN Consultants, a consulting firm, with his wife in 1975, during a period of non-compete agreement with Neve Electronics. In 1989, the firm partnered with AMEK Systems design a range of outboard equipment and consoles. ARN consultants also helped design the ES pickup system for Taylor's acoustic guitars. Rupert also designed the K4 preamplifier for Taylor. ARN Consultants also designed the 2-channel mastering box, called the Masterpiece, for Legendary Audio.

ISO AMEK MOZART 56 channel console talkback battery

Hello all. 

I have a friend who has a studio who is Looking for a talkback system Battery for an AMEK MOZART 56-channel console, and I thought  that someone here might be able to point me in a good direction to begin searching.
If you have any advice on where to begin my search, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Adjusting AMEK 9098 mic preamps CMRR trimpots and capacitor?


Dear Friends

Please forgive me, i'm new to this forum, sol maybe this thread discussed before.
I'm experimenting with a diy mic preamp, based on AMEK 9098 mic preamp schematic.
I'd like to know, is there a good/reasonable method to set the input variable capacitor and the two trimpots(LOW/HIGH CMRR TRIM)?
On the attached schematic the parts: VC1,VR14,VR15.

AMEK 9098 Dual Mic Pre schematics (AMEK 9098 DMA) Schematics looking for


Hi all ! does somebody have the AMEK 9098 Dual Mic Pre schematics (AMEK 9098 DMA)
(without EQ ).

The Rack have not EQ but have a DI INPUT, I know the schematics is a little bit different.

Thanks for your help.

Please if you can mail me at this address if you have it :