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Audience Recording

Hey all - Im puttin on an acoustic show in a couple weeks, and am performing as well as running the PA and recording systems (since they are one organic unit at this point). Just curious how people go about recording the audience sound for mixing into the beginnings and endings of songs to get that "live" sound, like you find between tracks on any live album. I am using two DA-38s into a mixing console, which then runs vocals out to the PA. Everything has its own individual channel so I will have full mixing capabilities after the show. Out of the 16 tracks I have about 4 or 5 left, and was thinking about micing the audience with a couple dynamics, but Im not sure on placement. Any suggestions or exisiting setups welcome - thanks!


Pro Audio Guest Thu, 10/19/2006 - 20:24
I used Sennheiser MKH-800's on my live recording of Italian metal band Rhapsody. Worked out swell. The record is out if you want to check into that. I'm sure you can find demo's online for free. For the crazy recording I did in Europe where the production rented a portable SSL (semi & trailer) we used the Sennheiser shotguns with some dead cats I think they were MKH-70's, but can't remember now. Best of luck.