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In the digital recording universe, is there any benefit to recording at the highest resolution that your A-D box and software will go? I know there were quality & editing precision benefits going from 7.5->15->30 in the days of tape, but do you get the same benefits in digital recording.

I'm not recording music, just narrations and the clients usually want them at CD quality.

My guess is that using all of those processor cycles and eating up hard drive real estate when the finished product will be rendered at 44.1/16 and might even end up as a crappy MP3 ... is probably a waste of electrons.

Expert opinions?

TIA :)


griz Thu, 04/23/2009 - 14:17

So record at CD quality and call it good! :D

Just as a little brain food on this point: If I record at the highest settings possible for my A-D and software, does the conversion process degrade the originally recorded sound in a negative way that goes beyond the expected reduction in the resolution of the recording? :?

Questions like this make me wish I'd gotten my EE! :roll: