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I've never done this before but, I have a Nano Piano hooked up via Midi and it has analog outputs on the back. I have the analog outputs coming in via the hardware aux line 3, which is a stereo in on the M-Audio omni studio. The nano plays fine in logic and I can change the presets, but I can't get the analog audio (that I'm hearing) to go to logic's output channel for a bounce. As a matter of fact, If I set up an audio track with a stereo Input #3 nothing comes in to the track, but I can hear the audio out my monitors fine.

The virtual instruments in logic seem to already be wired to the outputs in logic. Regardless of the fact that they're none destructive, they still bounce down fine. I don't understand why I'm not able to bring the analog output from the NanoPiano into logic via an audio track. The analog outs on the NanoPiano are coming into the computer via the hardware AUX #3. And I'm hearing the output signal fine in logic when I play notes. It will even play back. Just not bounce. I get a blank wav file output with not audio stream.


pcrecord Sun, 07/12/2015 - 05:42

While dealing with midi, you need to remember that a midi track is not audio. You need to play the midi into the nano and record the audio on seperate tracks.

So you the midi data goes to the nano to make it play and while it's playing you record the audio (like any other instrument) on audio tracks.. Then you can export it or bounce it ;)

waveform Sun, 07/12/2015 - 14:11

Hi pcrecord
Yes, I'm aware of that. But there's something else going on. That was the first thing I tried.

As mentioned, the analog outputs on the back of the NanoPiano are being fed into the computer via hardware Aux input #3. (This is a stereo input).
I should be able to just go into Logic, setup an audio track and assign it's input as #3. But nothing is coming in. I don't get it.

I'm not" using the Delta66 monitor mixer so I don't see why this is happening. It's got to be something with how the sound card is routing, but you have no control over that unless you use the software monitor mixer built into the sound card. I don't usually use that.

waveform Wed, 07/15/2015 - 14:24

Yes I do.

There are a few thins going on here. Kind of hard to isolate them for explanation. Like for example if I plug the Nano Piano into the Inputs 1&2 with a balanced cable, same thing, I get sound out of one speaker. But if I use an insert cable I get sound out both speakers. I don't know what's going on with this Nano Piano at this point.
EX (Note: Input 3 can be used as a stereo input, but - as unbalanced only)

pcrecord Wed, 07/15/2015 - 15:03

What if you use 2 unbalanced cables and make it a stereo channel in your DAW if this ain't working how about 2 unbalanced cable again
The manual says that :
7.Stereo Aux Ins 1 – 4: These 1/4" jacks accept a TRS plug that is designed to
carry the L&R signals from a stereo source, such as a MIDI keyboard or
other stereo instrument. Typically, a stereo cable with a TRS plug to L&R
mono TS plugs, often called an "insert cable," will work properly.
8. "To Ins 1, 2" Switch: This switch, when pressed and locked to the in position,
will send the stereo signal that is present at the Aux In 1 jack to the Delta
H/W In 1 & 2. The Aux In 1 signal is then simultaneously muted to the
Omni stereo bus.

If you send another stereo signal to the interface and it works, you can assume that your nano or the cable has a problem..
Go by illimination ;)

waveform Sun, 08/16/2015 - 23:22

It's resolved audio kid. Thanks brother. I think I might even have another similar thread on this, but it's old now.
Basically, what happened was, I accidentally created a midi loop. I had the output of the Nano Piano coming back into the MidiSport. You don't need to use the Midi out on the Nano Piano unless you're daisy chaining to another midi unit. So yes, now I'm using the outputs on the Keyboard. The USB connector on the keyboard works for windows, but then you can't bypass the USB system unless you use the Midi ports on the keyboard also.

This midi stuff will make you crazy even talking about it. lol