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Avid Omni as Windows audio device

I have an Avid Omni connected to a Windows 10 computer via a Digilink card. I have a Digilink license. It works fine with Pro Tools 2018.

I have a situation where I temporarily need the Omni to work as a regular Widows audio device so I can use it without using Pro Tools. I have heard that this is definitely possible but I can't figure out how to do it.

Proper Gain Staging for Bluetooth Devices

Hey all. I've been messing around lately with my iPhone, and a laptop, and tablet, and various Bluetooth speakers, and BT transmitters and receivers, to connect to my Scarlett solo interface, and powered computer speakers, and headphones.

I don't necessarily have a specific question, rather how do a verify some sort of standard gain stage, or whatever.

Bringing in audio from external midi device

I've never done this before but, I have a Nano Piano hooked up via Midi and it has analog outputs on the back. I have the analog outputs coming in via the hardware aux line 3, which is a stereo in on the M-Audio omni studio. The nano plays fine in logic and I can change the presets, but I can't get the analog audio (that I'm hearing) to go to logic's output channel for a bounce.

How to connect sound devices 722 to F3 camera?

I'm still new to all this and want to learn more. I usually connect my Sound Devices 302 mixer into my Sound Devices 722 recorder for field recording during a university film shoot and then we slate it for manual syncing later on. But now I want to try connect my 722 to the camera as well so I will be recording sound into both the camera and 722.

Portable recording device with playback while recording new track (w/without overdub)

Hi everyone, I am new here. I am looking for something like the Zoom H4n / H2 that I can use as a portable recorder, but also plug into a PC and use as a USB mic. I would also like to be able to play back a track on the device and record a new track without overdubbing.


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