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Can I control sequencer start/stop with foot pedal?

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Is it possible to start/stop a sequencer with my Boss GT-3 guitar fx foot pedal? I'd like to be able to do this for live applications. I know I can start and stop a sequencer with midi, but can a guitar fx pedal control this?

I've been able to use midi to change fx on other processors and to control soft synths from my keyboard controller, but I feel very limited as to my actual understanding of midi. Can you also recommend a good web site or book that clearly (simply) explains midi and how I can better take advantage of it.



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Pro Audio Guest Fri, 03/28/2003 - 11:44
Yes, that is possible, but it might depend on your audio interface.

Most sequencer programs like DP, PT, Logic, etc. give you the ability to "punch in" and "punch out"

For example, I have a MOTU 896 firewire interface hooked up to my Mac. The 896 has a 1/4" footswitch jack for a simple A/B footswitch. Using the settings in my Sequencer program (Digital Performer), the first time I hit the footswitch, the sequencer begins recording. The second time I hit the footswitch, the sequencer stops, rewinds to the beginning, and is ready for another take

This setup really helps when I'm recording alone, as I can use the length of the Firewire cable, and put myself, the audio box, a mic and headphones in a separate room from my Mac, thus avoiding the CPU fan noise. The footswitch allows me to record multiple takes without having to be at the computer.

As far as MIDI goes, I'm a novice myself :)

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Pro Audio Guest Fri, 03/28/2003 - 11:55
Whoops. Misread your question ... though the above technique is nifty. :D

I think the answer to your question relies on two things:

1) Which sequencer are you using? Almost all have a way to "slave" to an external clock for starting and stopping.
2) Can the Boss pedal send the control signal your sequencer requires?

My guess is that answer to the question will most likely be found in the Boss pedal manual: See what it can send, then see if that works for your sequencer.