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Best DAW with MIDI sequencer via score editor?

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10 years 5 months
Hello everyone. I need help finding a DAW to suit my needs. What I need is basically a multitrack recorder that allows me to compose MIDI instruments through a score editor, not the usual piano roll. Besides that, I only need the basic stuff: audio tracks, VST implementation/effect rack, some envelope/automation capabilities, and that's it. Definitely don't need all the bells and whistles like a zillion gigabyte samples library. In fact, the lighter on CPU and hard-drive the better. If it's free, that would be a great plus. What is the DAW for me?


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A device that triggers a series of events in a particular order. Early audio sequencers were quite primitive, used control voltage to trigger voltage controlled oscillators, but had a certain musicality to them. These days software sequencers are MIDI based and offer a high degree of sophistication.
(See MIDI)

Problem with Sonar Step Sequencer...

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21 years 2 months
I though that the best and fastest way for people to understand what the problem is was for me to record what I am doing so you can see and hear the problem. Here is a link to the 52 second recording that I made...…"]YouTube - Sonar Drum Problem 1[/]="…"]YouTube - Sonar Drum Problem 1[/]

Software for making music for video + games (sequencers)

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16 years 6 months
So heres the deal. I use Cubase Studio 4 for most of my recording as far as bands and live instruments. As far as midi instruments, making beats and making whole songs with virtual instruments, I've tried Reason and have an unregistered full version of Fruity Loops.

I like the hardware setup in Reason, and I like how there are tons of add ons available for it but I really hate the arrangement window is (takes a lot to get used to it) and I dislike the fact that you seem to NEED a midi controller/keyboard to use it (instead of drawing).

Sonar Drum Sequencer?

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21 years 2 months
Hey guys, i've posted about this issue in the past. What I'm looking for is a drum sequencer that ican use inside Sonar. I am aware there is a midi drum sequencer but I am looking to use a drum sequencer where i can load wavs, and what not. I do not use the rewrire to FL device, as it eats up my latency!
anyways, are there any plugins? or something i missed?