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Ive used cool edit pro for sometime now, but I'm wondering how to activate the tempo to enable me change it. In short how do i change the tempo in cool edit pro

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zemlin Fri, 01/21/2005 - 03:36

We need more info. Are working in edit view or multitrack view? Are you working with loops, or is this a recorded track that you want to have play back at a faster or slower speed (without changing pitch, I assume)?

Please spell out with more specific information exactly where you are, and where you want to be.

anonymous Fri, 01/21/2005 - 06:57

reginald wrote: Okay, its a recorded song that i have inserted to the cooledit multitrack view and i needed to change its speed and mix it down to the edit view and then burn it on a cd, but i have failed to do so

I see,

Zemlin has your answer there, what I will add is, you've got a preview button in the stretch dialogue use this while experimenting till you get what you want.

Until you get use to it, it can be a lot of trial and error.




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