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I have a line on a used dbx 586 two channel tube preamp.
Anyone have any experience with this unit?
Is it a halfway descent tube pre?

I have been lurking around here for a while.
This is a really excellent resource!
Thanks everyone.

  • dbx 586

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anonymous Thu, 01/29/2004 - 10:43

I wouldn't say that dbx is a bad word...their high-end blue stuff is amazing (but maybe overpriced), and some of their cheap stuff isn't bad either, but the 500-series stuff is a bit harsh-sounding to me, and a little noisy too. Not a big fan of their silver stuff in general...come to think of it, I'm not sure I've encountered anything of theirs with a tube in it I've really liked. But they do make some great gear as well.


anonymous Thu, 01/29/2004 - 10:58

I haven't used the gear, but I will pass on that the 86 series stuff doesn't have a good rep from many people, FWIW. DBX does make some good gear and their older stuff is classic. There are many other preamps that are likely to be better values. Search RO for some preamp threads for recs.
Off topic: Did Duardo and AudioGaff just agree on something?? :D David

AudioGaff Thu, 01/29/2004 - 11:35

Is Joe Meek a bad word, too?

No, not a bad word. Not a word that is used in the great or world class catagory. The new and updated Joe Meek stuff is supposed to be even better than the old Joe Meek stuff that I thought was decent enough. For mid level quality and a good bargin, it is worth looking at. As for dbx, the dbx 786 is a great sounding preamp every other preamp they now make is CRAP!!!

Guest Thu, 01/29/2004 - 12:09

Originally posted by AudioGaff:
As for dbx, the dbx 786 is a great sounding preamp every other preamp they now make is CRAP!!!

I don't think the 786 is even all that impressive, especially considering its price. I do agree, however, that the 500 and 300 series units are very poor value.


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