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dbx, Inc. is an American producer of professional audio recording equipment owned by Harman International, a subsidiary of South Korea-based company Samsung Electronics. It was founded by David E. Blackmer in 1971. The original company goal was: "To get closer to the realism of a live performance.

dbx 161-Mods

Working on two of these beauties right now. Nice design, nice PCB layout. The customer wants new caps, a few power supply repairs and to add Jensen input and output transformers to these normally unbalanced units. The 160 (the famous unit) uses the same PCB as the 161 but a has a solid state balanced input and output circuit populated. This mod, IMO, is way better ;)

dbx 223xl flaking after 12 years, what crossover to get next?

Question at bottom.

Channel 1 on my 223xl dropped the lows, like engaging its Butterworth low cut. But it did it all on it's own and the low cut switch operates normally. When I pushed on the faceplate on ch1 side, the lows came back, until I let off. So odd.

dbx 386 Power Transformer

Hi there! I have a dbx 386 dual channel tube preamp. It was out of service for some time and when I recently put it back in the rack only a couple of LEDs turn on. On inspection it seems that the larger of the two transformers supplying power to the PCB has transformed into a Gandalf No-Pass Filter ("None shall pass!"), i.e. voltage in to the transformer is good, voltage out is 0.

dbx 150 connection help pls

hello i have standard tape deck (not reel to reel) type
and wish to record my old cassette tapes and save them on my computer as mp3.
that`s simple part i have two dbx 150 units and if possible? like to use one as a encoding machine.
from my tape output to one unit and the other is in decode mode to decode on fly if possible?


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