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Hey folks, just found this site, a question for "those in the know".

I have been watching with interest the DM-24 mixer. It looks like a significant step forward, but i am wondering if my proposed scerario is possible/realistic.

I am looking to achieve the best of both worlds when it comes to digital recording. When tracking and mixing, I want to sit at a desk, with knobs and faders. When I am editing, I want to look at a nice big screen, and control sequencing for my MIDI gear.

In my mind's eye I see a DM-24, MOTU 2408, a Lexi reverb (connected to a SPDIF on the DM-24) and a PC with 24 channels of TDIF connections to the mixer. I could fly tracks through the mixer, taking advantage of automation and built in effects, and read and write all the tracks to the PC.

Is there a seqencer that will "talk" to the DM-24 effectively, at least as far as transport, automation data and levels go. I am currently using SONAR, but would change in a second if there was a product with better DM-24/MMC support.

Any thoughts?


anonymous Thu, 07/19/2001 - 07:19

Heh, your describing the set-up I'm assembling currently. I use a MOTU 2408 and 1224 on a G3/450 with the bundled AudioDesk software. This week, I added a Lexicon Nuverb on an 8100, interfaced over AES/EBU to the 1224. The DM-24 is the piece i'm waiting to hear.
This is the info I've gathered on it:
-The first 16 channels can be fed by the analog ins or TDIF returns. 17-24 are fed by the TDIF returns only. These will be fed by the 2408's 3 TDIF outputs. Channels 25-32 are effects returns and can't be fed from the TDIF returns. They also omit the expander/gate found on the first 24 channels, but do have EQ and compression.
-The first 16 TDIF returns can be monitored inline on aux 1-2 while using the channels for analog inputs.
-The first 16 channels and 8 buses can all be sent to the 3 TDIF outputs. These will interface to the 2408's 3 TDIF inputs.
-The optional adat card will feature an adat sync output. This will plug into the adat sync input on the 2408's PCI-324 card, providing transport control and sample accurate sync between the DM-24's onboard automation and MOTU's software. I don't know if other software can implement the 2408's adat sync connection...
-There will only be one MIDI fader layer. So you get 16 continuous controllers to assign to your DAW plus the 8 knobs. This appears to be the current shortcoming of the board, as being able to page through multiple MIDI fader layers would make the board much more powerful.
-It will pass MMC commands and MTC to any sequencer.
I hope this helps for now. All the Tascam guys are at NAMM right now, so you may get an official answer when they return. We may get a look at the new black/silver color scheme as used on the SX-1, watch the Tascam page and BBS...

anonymous Sun, 07/22/2001 - 04:52

Hello from Summer NAMM everyone!
Your concept was right on the money but I wanted to clear up a few errors in your description of the DM-24.
CH 17-24 can ALSO be used as mic/line inputs OR tape returns. In a standard tracking environment I would probably leave them setup as tape returns. In fact the recording snapshot I've put in ROM on the DM-24 does just that.
Also, only the first 16 channels have expander/gates available. You can however move your tracks around in groups of 8 so the tracks that need the gates can be assigned to the channels that have them.
Everything else was correct. Nice post!
I've been talking to quite a few people that plan on doing the same thing with DAWs. Some using the Hammerfall card, others using the 2408II. It makes a lot of sense. With the DM-24 priced at $2995 I think this idea is really going to catch on.
Jace :D

anonymous Sun, 07/22/2001 - 05:54

Thanks all for your replies, but back to the question:

Is there a preferred (software) package that will communicate effectively with the DM-24? I did see the words regarding Digital Performer, but I'm on a PC, and by the time I add a configure a Mac, and the software, I could have almost paid for one of those nifty tascam 24 track decks.

anonymous Sun, 07/22/2001 - 19:13

Any DAW application should work well with the DM-24 as far as MMC goes. Track arming, transport control, etc. There will be no specific MIDI maps that allow more control for a specific application. If possible we will attempt to add more MIDI control features, but there may be a limit as to what the architecture of the DM-24 will allow. Either way this is something that will come in a future version of firmware after it's release. We'll do our best to make the DM-24 the best it can be.

anonymous Mon, 07/23/2001 - 06:50

Thanks for the reply Jace, but I am nervous about the thought of spending $3k on something that "should work". I do know that SOMAR currently does not accept MMC (though it does transmit), so for the time being that will not work. I was hoping for some input based on real testing experience. Perhaps I will need to spend an afternoon at the local mixermart once they ship.

anonymous Tue, 07/24/2001 - 12:14

SONAR and Cakewalk have continued to have problems with MMC for some time now. From what I've heard they think they have a fix for this. This is obviously a hot topic with
our US-428. We have a beta version of their studio panel that we'll be testing. If it works this should solve your problem as well.
You might post this qustion of the other DAW forums. I don't know of any problems of this nature with Cubase or Logic.

anonymous Tue, 07/24/2001 - 14:21

Thanks again Jace, this is helpful. I was hoping that by contacting the vendor for information, I can buy with more confidence. I was told by the presenter at a SONAR seminar, that they were "working on something" and they should be announcing something in about a month (this as a few weeks ago), I will look into Cubase, but I have some time, it's not something I need to run out and do tomorrow.

I am very interested the DM-24, but I want to make sure it will provide the solution I am looking for. Perhaps I need to try an put it through its paces once they ship.