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Hybrid Buffer in Daw

I've noticed several daws are implementing a form of hybrid buffer (reaper, studio one, cubase?, Possibly others) where there is a separate buffer for the audio playback tracks and the tracks record enabled. This allows you to have a low buffer on the record enabled tracks, for low latency, and high buffer on the playback tracks for maximum DSP power.

Just curious if anyone out there is using a daw with hybrid buffer, and how the experience has been.

I'd like to test the difference between say reaper and samplitude, to see how much DSP I get in both. If samplitude is significantly less I will submit a feature request to Magix.

Its remarkable to me that this feature hasn't appeared sooner given that the computer resources have been the limiting factor since day 1 of daws.

Gain Staging - Within your DAW !

Gain staging is the most critical things we should learn to keep the integrity and quality of our audio recordings.

Tel me what you think? Anything I forgot? 

In this video I talk about how to deal with it in your DAW.

You can do a mix of this song on your own:

Ryzen 3000 and Intel 10th gen for DAW Audio

Here is the latest batch of tests showing the current AMD vs. Intel chips for audio.

The Sound on Sound article is here:

DSP Test Chart:

VSTi Test Chart:

Attached files

Signal to DAW not hot enough

I was thinking that if I keep my 18i20 preamps as low as they go, that it would keep any coloration from my 18i20 as low as possible and the primary conditioning would be from my ART Pro II that's connected to my 18i20.
I find that I must use the preamps in the 18i20 in addition to the ART preamp to get my input signal to my DAW up enough.

Any advice is appreciated.

older iPad to run DAW?

This site has been great for me to learn some ins and outs and read quality answers. I am hoping to get some insights and suggestions on a technical question. I am putting together a voice recording studio for my teenagers. I have obtained most hardware components - used and open box deals but good quality. Soon I will test it with my Windows laptop.
My question revolves around using an older iPad. Though I am setting this up for my teenagers, I have to consider the cost vs. risk of the teenagers long term interest. Therefore, I am wondering if a 5th or 6th generation iPad would handle the DAWs of today gracefully and take in a usb's audio interface feed. There is a large price drop between the latest iPad and the 4 and 5th generations. I could dedicate an iPad to the recording studio for $125 and gain other advantages such as mobility, single subscription among all kids, me learning only 1 or 2 software pieces before teaching the kids. Dedicating a new iPad doesn't make sense, but if an older iPad works great, then I can afford to dedicate (for the most part) to the set up.

I haven't spent much time with iPads or a like so I don't know the computing power of any of the generations or iOS's.

Any experience using 4th or 5th generations iPads would be of great help.

8 track reel-to-reel to daw?

Hi all,

I've just acquired a Fostex 8-track reel-to-reel recorder and an looking to record onto tape and then send the 8 tracks INDIVIDUALLY from the unbalanced rca/phono output to my daw.

Does anyone know the easiest path to do this?

Most of the audio interfaces I've viewed only allow for 2 stereo tracks to be sent or a sum of all 8 channels. I need them to be separate for post editing!

Many thanks for any help.

3 DAWs - 3 sounds? Reaper vs. Sonar vs. Samplitude

3 DAWs - 3 sounds? Reaper vs. Sonar vs. Samplitude In this video, I test 3 DAWS by doing the exact same mix of the same song. There was a long debate as if every DAWs sounded the same and I thought it was time to get a true answer.

I also give a link to downloadable multitracks songs.

What do you think of the tests, convincing ?