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Hey, total noob here, well at least as far as electronic recording.

I just purchased Logic Pro Studio with Apogee Duet for I/O.

I was planning on using my Alesis SR-16 drum machine through one of Apogee's 1/4" inputs but it does not work. I've tried all the various jacks and all I am getting is some faint distorted audio.

So for now I can either mic the Alesis drum machine and input the mic signal through the XLR; or use Logic Pro's built in drum machine. The problem with the latter is I already have a lot of beats programmed on the Alesis. But I am also not too excited about degrading an electronic signal to analog, then Micing it back in.

So I guess what I am asking is does anyone know of a drum machine that is compatible with Apogee Duet? Or maybe, hopefully I have overlooked an option that would allow me to connect the Alesis.

All replies and advice is appreciated, especially from anyone who has actually used some of this equipment.


Kev Fri, 03/14/2008 - 14:44


there is something wrong with the way the Alesis SR-16 drum machine is connected to the Apogee's 1/4" input
has to be
no reason why this should not work
must be a hot, cold and ground conflict

it is a good idea to get those favourite beats you have programmed on the Alesis
and into midi files for later use

this does not carry the sounds but the midi rythms are worth collecting

back to the connection issue

get an old 1/4 cable
one with Ring Tip and Sleeve and three wires inside
and cut in half
strip a smal section of each of the ends
now try at randomly connecting the wires until you get a clean signal

look to site like Rane to see their connection methods
search here for other threads of similar problem
I've give answers many times before

robbiusa Fri, 03/14/2008 - 20:22

There's actually 4 outs on the SR-16. Main left/right and Aux left/right. So you could sum all the sounds to mono using 1 output (main/L, I think), mix to stereo using the main outs, or separate at least 2 sounds from the mix using all four outs if you wanted to do something like have the bass and snare on their own channels with a mix of the other drums in stereo.

I get good results sending the bass (aux/L) and snare (aux/R) to the hi-z inputs on my Onyx with main-L/R going to a stereo pair (main outs seem to have enough gain). Helps get my ideas across to our drummer.

Anyway, in the record setup, which output(s) are you using to send and are you plugging into the same physical outs as configured in the record setup? You've got the volume dial turned up on the SR-16 and the volume for each sound at a decent level in the record setup?

The SR-16 sends a pretty weak signal, at least on the aux outs. If you are going to go out mono you might want to run it to an amplifier and mic it or try a hi-z/instrument input if you have one available. And/or make sure all your sounds are routed to the main outs for stereo or main/L if sending mono.


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