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Nostalgic look back. Me on Drums.

Morning from sunny West Yorkshire UK,

I am not a drummer, I do play drums though. I picked it up when I was 41. I practiced many hours a day initially on a Roland TD10 kit then this wonderful Gretsch Renown Maple kit with A Zildjian Pro cymbals. Sadly the Gretsch were sacrificed in the many moves my family and I have made.

Overhead choice for LOUD or LIVE performance drummers?

Hi everyone,

Over the years I've gradually taken on the job of *the guy who records stuff* in the three bands I play in.
My setup is focused on staying portable and leaning towards fast/easy to setup and break down, with all of my mics plugging into a Zoom Livetrak L-20. I don't own any ribbons or tube mics, and unlikely to in the short term.

Roland TM-2, Drum Triggers and Cords

Hi all,

I am looking into buying a Roland Tm-2 but am a little confused about which cords I need to get to make my intended trigger setup work.

I intend to use a Roland PD-8 Dual Drum pad, a mono snare trigger, and a mono bass drum trigger.

Even though the TM-2 only has 2 inputs, I am pretty sure I can achieve this setup by using some kind of splitter with the two mono triggers.

Can anyone tell me if this setup is possible and which cords I am going to need to make it happen?

Thanks for any info!