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Dear members,

In order for us to be successful with RO we need to gain members and see more interest in our community site/ protalk etc.

We will post your logo for free to whom ever contributes the most in our newsgroups of RO/ protalk during the the next two months starting Oct. 15 to Dec. 15 2000.

You can see how many entries have been made by looking at the user profile.

warmest regards and looking forward to seeing you on line.

long live RO
a place for the sound mind


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Opus2000 Tue, 10/30/2001 - 21:14
Originally posted by audiokid:
oh o, a call from e-cue agin hehe.

Hey Opus, your part of our team hey Ang? Angelo was praising you for all your awesome effort publically on the chat the other night.
Thanks for being here :cool:

My pleasure!! Ya know...I need to get involved in the chat with you guys...I think it's time I try and step things up for myself with you guys and get really serious!!! Let me know when you are chatting and so forth