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Hello all,

I have a sick 70s creamy white MD421 which seems to have the common problem of having an impact transfered to the cartridge and now sounds honky.

Does anyone know if it is possible at all for anyone to repair these? My local distributor had a listen to it and pretty much said yep, it's broken, to repair will cost significantly more than I can get one new elsewhere, plus I will basically end up with the vintage case over a new MD421 guts.

Is it the case that earlier MD421s were unrepairable / disposable once in need of any repair?

Anyone had any experience with this?


anonymous Fri, 08/04/2006 - 19:17

Old 421 repair!

Yes one place I know for sure that repairs them, is the sennheiser factory. But the problem was that they dont make the older capsules anymore. So yes if you send it to sennheiser it will cost around $300 bucks to fix. I have gotten 3 brand new 421's for less than $270. Dont send it sennheiser. Find somebody that may know how to fix and have the parts. Or see if you can find the parts and teach yourself how to fix it. I just ended up buying new ones. Good Luck!!