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I am multi tracking with a zoom r16 and I have recorded drums and ssome guide guitar.

Now I'm trying to do the proper guitar tracks. My problem is that I'm recording everything in 1 room as I don't have the luxury of separate rooms. I have found that our guitarist cant hear the guide tracks and the drums through the head phones over his guitar amp in the room. We don't want to turn the guitar amps down too quietly and I have the volume on the zoom turned up to the max as well. Any suggestions people? Thanks


Boswell Sat, 11/24/2012 - 09:58

You could try one or more of:

(1) A headphone amp with some more punch. The R16 doesn't have a great deal of drive.

(2) Headphones that have better isolation of external sounds.

(3) A low-power guitar amp that gives you a miniature "big" sound at much lower acoustic levels than a stage amp. Depending on the sound you are aiming for, there are several inexpensive amps available for studio use that give you a whole whack of distort at only about 3W output.

RemyRAD Mon, 11/26/2012 - 00:47

Drape moving blankets, quilts, towels, over top of the microphone and the guitar amplifier. After all the microphone on the guitar amplifier is there only to pick up the guitar amplifier. And if ya can't hear the track on the headphones, he's got his amplifier turned up too freaking high! And you don't get a good guitar recording that way. It's got to be high but not too high.

So you might also be using the wrong kinds of headphones? What kind of headphones? You have provided absolutely no information with which to help you with. You're just saying it hurts when I do this. So you went to school and you got the mathematics? So something needs to be louder, it needs to be amplified and to be amplified you usually need an amplifier. No? And amplification generally means something powerful not something weak. I mean how many guitar amplifiers do you see that run on batteries and that rock down a nightclub? Right. None. So you're trying to make a multitrack recording with none of the right tools? Do you play your guitar with only three strings? I mean ya can can't you? Want to? Of course not. So ya need the right tools for the right job. You have no tools. You're fired! There are many different headphones. There is only a couple that are applicable for your application. You certainly cannot be using the stupid little earbuds that you see everybody wearing today. No isolation so no deal. Open air headphones sound great but don't block out any extraneous external noises. So you need a closed back pair of headphones like the Sennheiser HD-202. Then each headphone also has its own efficiency level which will mean how loud it will play with a given amount of power. And the volume levels vary widely with efficiency and impedance and the manufacturer. So really, how do you expect a multi-track anything? You got the multitrack recorder. But that's like owning a toilet without a bathroom. I mean you can still use it but ya really wouldn't want to. And you don't want that in your closet do you? It's bad enough when the cat does it!

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