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Static interference during playback

I apologize in advance if this turns out not to be the right forum for this question. I'm essentially a noob when it comes to recording. You may see in my profile but I put together a fairly simple setup with an Audio-Technica AT-2020 connected to the art MP studio V3 preamp with its phantom power supplying the condenser mic.

Brand new KRK Rokits crackling in playback, Logic Pro X

Hi, I tried googling this, but every answer I'm reading is over my head. Buffer Size is something people advise changing. But for reference, I don't know what a buffer is nor do I know how to find my buffer settings. Someone else said to watch your CPU/HD meter, and I again don't know what those are, nor how to change them.

Troubleshooting a Tascam 22-4 playback issue

I owned this reel-to-reel machine from when I purchased it new years ago. I want to restore it.
One issue I'm having is when playing back recordings I'm not getting audio out of track one. The VU meter shows audio is present. Other tracks are fine.
If anyone can provide some tips to for finding the root cause of failure that would be appreciated.

"Voltage-Spike(?)" in Speakers when Playback starts

Often (not always), when I start playing a sound file or video on my Laptop (MacBook Pro), I get a very audible "spike/click" in my speakers (Dynaudio BM5 MK3, connected via Presonous Audiobox USB) before the playback starts. This happens especially often, when listening to something on the internet. What can I do against that?