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The term "tracking" is a process when recording various instruments, voices etc used to create a song or production within its track. If a song is recorded one track at a time, we refer this to "tracking". Every time you record a new track, you hear all the other ones you've recorded as well. This tag discusses all sorts of topics on tracking music.

Bad vocal tracking in my "treated" room


I am not satisfied with vocal tracking, it seems that I sing in a box and the voice seems as muffled. So if someone can refer me to a solution it would be great because this stiff turn me crazy.

So I take my shots via SM7B + FetHead + mogami cable >> preamp "UA610" unison simulation in "APOLLO TWIN" in thunderbolt connection to my mac MBP 2012 SSD AND 16 GB of RAM.

I chose a spot in a corner where the bass is not very present.

Home Recording/playing/live tracking/mixing your own album

Hello folks!
I'm new here and I signed up after thinking deeply about my recent experience while bored in quarantine.
The question I'm posing is pretty huge, so forgive me.
First of all, I'm a total noob when it comes to recording, but last summer for a number of reasons (mostly money related) I decided i would invest what little money I managed to save to get some gear and finally record my first album, with little to no prior experience.
In retrospect it was a bold and kinda stupid decision, but whatever.

Printing compression and EQ while tracking ITB

Hi guys and girls,
Hope you're having a good week.
I think this is a pretty straightforward question.
I can understand that you would want to track a sweet sounding outboard compressor on a vocal or acoustic guitar, or get a more focused sound with an outboard EQ coming in.
The thing is, would you do this with plugins?
Would there be any advantage to setting up plugins and printing them into the recording on the way in, as opposed to just using them later on the recorded sound?

Tracking live drums

Decided to finally utilize my Mackie board for recording, so spent the day tuning and Micing drums. I am sticking with a basic 4 mic setup (kick, snare, ohL,ohR), but am also close Micing the toms to mix them with the OH's. The OH's will be basically the room sound, natural reverb. Setup is this: Kick: Audio- Technica MB series; Snare: GLS Audio 57 copy mic. Reaalllly nice...; Toms: Audio- Technica MB series; OH's: Left; CAD Audio CM217 Condenser. Right; CAD Audio Large Diaphragm Condenser.

Portable tracking booth

Portable Vocal Tracking System.

I'm thinking about a portable tracking booth to take "wherever" I can for the purpose of recording the gifted solo artists around my area.
Just like many of us who can sing and play rhythm to their original songs, there are hundreds of people like this who want to record themselves (better than they can) and possibly have professionals like me and my group of international "collaborators" build songs for them.

Live/Tracking Room DIY Diffusion/Scattering Acoustic Treatment & Material Options

In my opinion (i think most will agree) that after the original source (instrument, amp, etc..) the room that the instrument is being tracked in is the first stage of EQ.

Given that idea I believe you want a general multi-purpose tracking room to have a tight bottom end and bright highs. I'm aware that this is subjective and a matter of taste, application and of course room dimensions.