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Just wondering what's thought of mics such as the 106, 405 and 406. How do they compare with the current models?

John Stafford

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bap Tue, 01/11/2005 - 18:11

I can't help you directly, but if you don't find an answer here you could try Sound on Sound forum [hope it's legal to mention other forums here].

There's a fellow used to post there frequently by the name of John Willett who is a Sennheiser rep and has just about all spec and history at his fingertips. He might still drop by occasionally. A very knowledgable guy.

ghellquist Thu, 01/13/2005 - 09:31

just chiming in very quickly (on the run).

I found a pair of MKH406-s on the net. They are with me at every gig, and I really like them. I believe they were designed with an 80Hz high-pass filter, which generally is a good thing, but not always. Otherwise they sound very much like later MKH-s -- boring is one word I have sometimes thought. In a good sense that is, not adding anything, just catching what it sounds like. For on location recording that is perfect if you ask me.