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pc vs mac

Maybe this has been answered many times before, but I don't understand why a mac is better for recording. I know they are well built, easy to use, and much more stable. But if you know how to maintain your computer does that really matter? You also get a lot more bang for your buck with a pc or windows based laptop. I'm asking this because i'm looking into getting a new comp, preferably a laptop. Everyone raves about macs for recording but when i look at the specs on a windows based comp and a mac you get a hell of a lot less on the mac for the same dollar. Will a mac still outperform anything else regardless of lower processing speeds and lower ram?


Pro Audio Guest Sun, 02/18/2007 - 22:59
...yes, I did read the "other 4 pages", thank you. I just put in my 2 cents - I thought that was legal in this country...

...Anyway, there seems to be a lot of talk about "I can build..." for PCs. It just makes me think of an interview I read with one of the big motion picture scoring guys. He was lamenting how few good composers there are nowadays, and he pointed out that many composers spent most of the 90's trying to keep their MIDI rigs from crashing, when they should have been learning their art better.
Personally, I don't want to hassle with the research and frustration of building a machine - I'm not a computer tech. Just give me something that works right out of the box so I can work on music. In my experience Mac fits the bill.

Scoobie Thu, 12/28/2006 - 09:30
I thought this was a discussion on a Recording Forum, so Viruses and Windows update's should be the last thing you should worry about. The price of building a DAW is not really that much. So IMO, PC or Mac your are crazy to have them hooked up to the internet.

Every Daw that I have put together, I spend hours truning all that crap off, Firewalls, Virus prtection, ect. ect.............Stuff that a DAW don't need!
I even have alot of XP stuff turned off, Like windows restore. Maybe I have been lucky but I just don't have all the problem's I here people talk about.

Hell, I still have a Old (RYO, Iwill- AMD Daw using 98se) PC in my living room that gets used all the time. The only thing that has ever died was the hard drives and power supply.

One day I would like to have a Mac, But only when my wife buys me a ProTools HDD system. LOL....


Music_Junky Thu, 12/28/2006 - 09:53
Scoobie wrote: I thought this was a discussion on a Recording Forum, so Viruses and Windows update's should be the last thing you should worry about. The price of building a DAW is not really that much. So IMO, PC or Mac your are crazy to have them hooked up to the internet.

I agree with you! My DAW does not even know what Network adapter is :)

VonRocK Thu, 12/28/2006 - 10:21
Music_Junky wrote: Well yes windows has lots of viruses, is it because of poor programing or because it's the os with the most users?

Ya see, here's a guy piping in on a discussion without ANY thing other than his old laptop kicks his buddy's old mac laptops ass. Did you do a benchmark? Anything other that a subjective opinion?

Allright. Lets look at your quote. Lets also clear this misconception up. Windows is poorly programed compared to OS X. That's why it has viruses. By your reasoning, because Windows has more users, then OS X should have at least ONE virus. Apple has anywhere from 5 to 15 percent of the market. You would think that they would have 5 to 15 percent of the viruses out there. So, at least ONE virus must have been writen for OS X? Just ONE? If you really think that OS X doesnt have any viruses because Windows owns most of the market, then you are a victim of the lies that spread around about macs. You didnt come up with that one all on your own either. You read it on the internet, so it must be true. Open your eyes.

Scoobie, for a guy who "usally stay away from a discussion like this" you've responded three times now. This is a discussion about tools used to RECORD, and viruses and security updates are a reality. You obviously want a mac, yet you resist. Why spend "hours turning all that crap off" ? when you can just buy a mac. Perhaps one day your luck on windows will wear off.

But I know frist hand that some have problems all the time with there Mac's.

I am curious as to what problems "they" are having? First hand knowledge should at least be aware of what the specific problems were. Or is that really second or third, maybe fourth hand knowledge? What year was this? How many big studios in Nashville were having mac problems?

VonRocK Thu, 12/28/2006 - 10:43
Music_Junky wrote:

I agree with you! My DAW does not even know what Network adapter is :)

Wow. You guys have been so brainwashed into thinking that a DAW should not be on a network. Why?

Because if your DAW even comes close to the internet, you are at serious risk of your DAW becoming unusable. So you don't connect it to the internet. If it was connected to the internet, you would not be able to afford the system resources that your bloated, poorly conceived OS needs to keep itself safe. You need all the processing power going to the task at hand, not running firewalls and antivirus software and pop up windows telling you that you are at risk. That's the way it is in your world.

So a pc is better than a mac because you need to spend hours shutting off OS stuff and you keep it at least ten feet from any network connection before you can even consider using it for a DAW? Did i get that right?

Oh, and macs MAY have bugs!

Kev Thu, 12/28/2006 - 12:48
the DAW could be on the network because the media drives are shared with the other DAW and FCP suites

network doesn't have to mean internet

it's just a computer and there is no single answer
OS... Application ... Hardware
the conbination is what matters and from time to time , through upgrades any combination can have bugs and incompatabilities

get over it

dementedchord Thu, 12/28/2006 - 15:56
dont know what you really hope to accomplish with this crap but never the less 2 points...
first as to earlier comments about risc... i took your comments out of context and thought you were saying at the core cpu level thet were using risc... my bad... but depending on how loosely you define risc it's not a new idea... every time you off load a process it makes it easier for the cpu... and that includes drive controllers onboard sounds anything... and even encludes things like asic's like what you find in your keyboards and effects units... so it's not exactlly unique to apple...

second... as to viruses etc... a programmer friend explained it to me this way... from conception it was decided (with encouragement from IBM) that MS would try to keep windows as open an archetecture as possible so as to encourage other developement.... apple under no such pressure closed it off... remember when you couldn't buy a good acct package or whatever for a mac ??? so that decision along with the ubiquity of pc's made it an easy target for hackers...

VonRocK Thu, 12/28/2006 - 16:00
Kev wrote: get over it

I know, I know. I have a hard time getting over the knee jerk reactions of windows users whenever this topic comes up. I just hate reading the same misinformed blanket statements made by people who for the most part have no direct experience with what they are talking about. Add to that the implied expertise that the context of such information is made, and I'm over the top!

I'll try to get over it.

Kev Thu, 01/04/2007 - 12:41
yes I know the what is said

but this was more a philosophical debate about things like patents and trademarks etc
... it would be interesting to test in a court
I don't see how Apple can go one the attack if you buy an OS and install it on a SINGLE computer of your making
install it on a mainframe inside a shell of your making/writing

there were non Apple machines other than Power PC (PPC)

in the USA anything is possible
Trademarks on words that have been in common use for years
Patents on combinations of components that any first year electronics student or enthusiast would do naturally
or even a procedure that is just so obvious

Pro Audio Guest Fri, 12/01/2006 - 15:35
>>I don't understand why a mac is better for recording
They are not. The Mac myth is only are result of marketing. In fact, the Mac of today IS a pc!

I use both Mac and PCs and have been using computers with music since BEFORE the days of the ATARI 1040 ST and the old Mac 512/Mac Plus.

I don't have to time to go into the history and technical details of all platforms now but, I will offer this:

Today, the ONLY major difference between a Mac and any other PC is the operating system. Since Macs now use Intel chips, the point is moot.

Unless you have a music application (like I do) which ONLY works on a Mac (Logic PRO) there is NO technical reason whatsoever that a Mac is "better for music".

There are Grammy Winning Film Composers, Engineers and Producer who do NOT use Macs.

Ultimately, it depends on the software you want to use. If you are looking at Cubase/Nuendo/WaveLab and others, a Windows PC will be just excellent. Especially, if it's Athlon dual-core based.

If you want to use Logic PRO you have NO choice but, to buy an OS-X Intel machine (formerly known as a Mac).

hueseph Thu, 12/28/2006 - 21:24
I'm sorry. I just can't let this one go. OSX is a "closed ended" OS? Oh. Right. Like you don't even have access to command line like X11. Because Unix is so closed ended. There's no way to even deal with core functions.

Even with the older OSes there was command line but now there's even more ways to access command line in OS X. Because of the Unix based kernel, there's people developing all sorts of unsupported apps. You can fidget away to the point of rendering your Mac useless if you like, the only thing is, you have to do it as an administrator.

Pro Audio Guest Sun, 01/14/2007 - 21:33
I think it all comes down to experience. Are you going to believe a list of numbers and specifications, or somebody who has been operating the particular machine in a practical manner. I tend to take a lot more from obviously experienced users than from biased purists.

I have been running Pro Tools on a PC with an AMD Athlon 2100+ processor for 3 years now, and it has been rock solid. My roomate has a 17" Imac Duo Core, and it is extremely quiet and reliable. My PC is louder indeed, but I isolate it and it's not an issue for me. I am building a new PC because I have had positive experiences with a PC. A new PC is cheaper to build, and is totally expandable and upgradable by ME - if you open your Imac, I believe your warranty is void.

MadMax Fri, 12/29/2006 - 01:58
OK kids... let's get all the facts straight...

The fact that an OS is written poorly, due to the instruction set used by the CPU, is the reason that viruses and malicious codes even work. It's that fact ALONG with Microsloth wanting to keep the OS an open "architecture" form that makes it such an easy target for malware. When you throw in Microsloth's arrogance... you get a natural target... an industry even! (Hmmm, makes you wonder... at least you SHOULD wonder...)

Since the "customer is always right", and I'm the customer... I should be able to create a network and tie that network to the internet and with reasonable security measures, do such things as ftp, internet radio, etc.

With my operation, I will be doing such. I cannot in ANY way be assured of even moderate securty with the Windows OS. I can with Linux, UNIX and Mac OS... odd that they're all UNIX core OS's isn't it? (Even though the two OS's can run in the 8088 instruction set world.)

And yes BTW, there is "officially" only one virus for the OS-X operating system, yet there are about a dozen security patches - of which there is still only one that remains open. I'm sure that there will soon be many more, but compared to countless throusands of security holes in the native Win OS... I like my odds better with something other than Windows.

Pro Audio Guest Wed, 12/13/2006 - 20:56
PC is superior

I have used both Macs and PC's for recording and I firmly believe that one is not necessarily better than the other (unless you factor in cost). You can get a far superior PC for the money than you can a MAC.
Every program, every plug-in, every upgrade you ever buy on a MAC will cost you 30% more.
When I started out I thought it was a close call. Spend a little more, get a Mac. no big deal. But add up 2-3 years of upgrading and adding on programs and you get a huge difference in cost.

Dont fall for the MAC myth.

They crash, stall, and goof up just like PC's.
(I think those problems are mostly in the software)
The only thing i can really say is better is that I havent had to worry about viruses. But maybe I will soon find out that is also a myth?

One more thing,
maybe not so much in the audio world, but in regular life Macs dont have near as many programs to choose from as PC's. And forget about ever getting programs for free.
If it didnt come pre installed on your mac, your gonna have to pay top dollar for it. No cracks, no sharing, nothing.

And plus, life really isnt worth living without a right mouse button.

Austin, Tx