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Any comments on this dual tube preamp w/ tube eq? I have an opportunity to purchase but will not have a chance to try it first.


Neil R

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KurtFoster Fri, 11/14/2003 - 12:37

Can you research that? I am pretty sure that I read it was the same company that built the Neves.. (the not so great ones with the automation problems) ... in Mix / EQ, or something like that. If I am wrong, I will stand corrected ...

I would do it myself but I am in the middle of a few other projects, recording the "Cheesburgers", reviews of SP mics, (coming soon, sorry for the delay Alan) the Yamaha MSP10s, a CAD mic (on the way) and a Great River MP2NV, which just arrived today! ...(droooool) Thanx, K.

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Screws Fri, 11/14/2003 - 12:55

I have a VMP-2. It sounds great. It is of the clean tube sound along the lines of the A Designs. I've used it successfully on vocals, guitars (both acoustic and amplified), kick, snare, overheads and found it particularly great on bass.

AMR is the company name, not AMS. This was a subdivision of Peavey that was started for recording gear. They built some nice consoles and were very quality conscious in their designs.

They made an el-op stereo compressor (VC/L-2) with an all-tube make up gain that's also quite a steal for the money if you can find one.

Guest Fri, 11/14/2003 - 13:04

Originally posted by Kurt Foster:
Can you research that?

Check this out:

It's definately AMR (which stands for "Audio Media Research"). I seem to recall that they were a Canadian company, but I'm not positive about that. They made some mixing boards and some studio monitors too. I don't know what came of them though.

Davedog Fri, 11/14/2003 - 17:05

The two Grammy winning albums by Bonnie Raitt,produced by Don Was were recorded on AMR consoles.I think I remember hearing that one of the first ones made was delivered to Don's personal 'home studio'......I looked long and hard for one before finally settling on my Ghost.As for the AMR status, I also dont know,however,I do know that they made some REALLY killer near-field monitors that were unfortunately way way overpriced for the market at the time.But if you can find a pair in good condition,you should be able to land a real bargain.The rack gear that has been mentioned is still some of that 'unknown' yet killer sounding stuff.The mic pre is a very very nice unit.

audiokid Fri, 11/14/2003 - 22:23

Wow! what a surprise to find this thread alive. I actually posted this question back in Sept 2000 when I was shopping for my first mic pre. I just posted this in another thread before I saw this one so... duh may as well peg the question.

Check this out!

I have a friend that helped in the design of these. The Peavey VMP2 discrete tube preamplifier with two inputs xlr and 1/4" balanced in/out, 48V phantom, 40/60hz pads,two band classic tone controls and four tubes per channel. This is not a fake pretend to be a classic tube pre, it is an accurate reproduction of something you would have purchased in late 1960's.

It's said to sound like the new Sebatrons. Maybe look around for an old one and re fit it. I think they go back to the mid 90's

anonymous Sat, 11/15/2003 - 14:03

There's an AMR/Peavey Console for sale at the guitar store I go to. It's large. I figured it was not so hot because it was Peavey. The name certainly carries a Stigma, huh? When we are all a bit older, people are going to start paying out the ass for AMR/Peavey gear like what happened to NEVE. It could happen.

Davedog Sun, 11/16/2003 - 12:38

IN My HighBorn OPINION....Anything with chicken-head knobs and Aircraft switches has GOT to sound good........but thats just me.

As for Peavey stigma, there are very few amps that can faithfully reproduce all of the notes and sonic overtones of a pedal steel as well as SEVERAL Peavey models.And the 5150 series heads for heavy rock'n metal stuff is in a league with many of yer boutique amps.Yes they have made junk over the years, but the fact that they're nearly bullet-proof, makes them a good bang-fer-da-buck in my book.

Most stigmata is created through the uninformed opinion becoming gospel to the lazy and uneducated mind.

KurtFoster Sun, 11/16/2003 - 14:42

Peavey is a staple in the club circut world.. as Dave points out lots of "roadability" and bang for the buck. I think it is a real testament to the companies philosiphy that they can build stuff with such cheap parts and have them take the knocks of real world use. There is probably more old Peavey stuff out there that almost anything else. I prefer how Fender amps sound but every one I have ever owned has fried on me at one point or another. Every Peavey amp I have had has lasted until I sold it.

I have a Peavey Valve-'Verb that I have had for years and I love it. It sounds as good as any Feder tank I have heard.. They do make some good stuff onece in a while.. BTW, Sebatron should use those chicken heads too! :D