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Need Audio Interface for Peavey PV8

I have PV8 mixer.. its not with built-in usb.. so if i want to connect the mixer with Cubase in laptop, first i need to connect with any audio interface.. Now i think to buy Behringer UCA202 or UCA222.. but somebody says that both Behringer UCA202 and UCA222 are usb 1.1 version.. its not usb 2.0.. due to less transfer speed of usb you will face some problem when you use with your daw.. so please help me to get good audio interface for PV8 mixer.. i have Yamaha MOXF 8.. i connect it directly to laptop through usb cable..

peavey mixer making a loud buzzing/humming noise

Hey guys,

I uploaded a vid of the mixer and the noise, check it out

It was brought from the states to greece and had been in storage for 15 years and only has maybe 3 hours or less of usage. My Dad had it hooked it briefly to a transformer when he first brought it and said it always made the noise.

Peavey 16FX vs. Mackie

I'm looking to buy a new mixer to replace all my old crap, Basically a mix between live/recording is what I'm aiming for. I've working with a lot of different Mackie boards and I've got nothing but praise. But I've been tracking the Peavey 16Fx and Dual USB 2.0 would be much easier than the Firewire since my DAW only has USB 2.0 ports. Does anyone have any experience with Peavey is it any good, does it have a good clean sound?



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