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Dear Friends,

I've recently purchased a Royer SF12 for choral recording and am now interested in getting a good quality PEQ plugin for tweaking of said SF12 output. Not being flush with cash, I'd like to hear about 'best bang for buck' options, while attempting to remain relatively high-end quality wise, if that is at all possible.

I've heard Dave's examples and testimony about the Algorithmix PEQ Red plugin , and was very impressed. Unfortunately it is too pricey for me. Is there anything out there that competes at half the cost or less?

I've heard that the Metric Halo channel strip EQ is pretty good also. This is more in my price range. However, if it isn't any better than Logic's own EQ (am using Logic Express 7), then I wouldn't bother. Any happy MIO channel strip users out there?