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Royer Labs is dedicated to the art of the ribbon microphone. Every Royer mic is hand-made in the USA by craftsmen who are fanatical about building the best ribbon microphones in the world.

Recording an Orchestra using Royer ribbon microphones, with engineer Robert Friedrich


Grammy-winning Classical Engineer Robert Friedrich gives us an in-depth look at the recording techniques used when recording "The Carnival Of The Animals" with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. Friedrich relied heavily on ribbon microphones to achieve the desired sound quality.

Royer rebate pretty sweet

In case you haven't heard Royer is having a factory rebate through September 30th. Pretty nice deal if you are in the market for a ribbon mic. $75 off an R-101, $100 off an 121, $125 off 122 and $200 of an R-122v. I think it's per mic if you by a matched pair. They have a rebate form to fill out on their website. Thinking about picking up an R-101...


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