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Equalization in sound recording and reproduction is the process of adjusting the volume of different frequency bands within an audio signal.

Eq116 vs. ozone 9 FIR EQ vs. mAAT EQ Orange for Linear Phase Quality

I love the eq116 Linear phase mode filters but I did some research I was told that "Maat EQ Due to the double IIR Filter the lowcut becomes a Linkwitz-Riley Filter. For me and many others it’s the king of the surgical filters and it can really work miracles." really have this degree difference between eq116 and maat eq orange or Ozone 9 digital (surgicel FIR eq) ? Ozone 9 also has very clean FIR filters and the CPU uses it very well and is affordable, or eq 116 linear phase eq is very clean transparent and does not tire the CPU too much.

Samplitude Eq116 High Freq (High SelF) octav question

i use eq116 for mastering.
there are two types of high shelf mode 6db oct and 12db oct for high self. but
the senses are different.
Which one do you usually prefer? 6db oct or 12db oct for High Freq Shelf Eq ? (eq116)

every music is different ok but, I'm really curious about the overall approach

Samplitude - Parametric EQ vs. EQ116

I have a lot of old projects made in Samplitude Pro X, which has its default Parametric EQ.

Whenever I open these old projects in Samplitude Pro X3, the standardized EQ in the objects is still the old Parametric and not the current EQ116. :confused:

Is there a way to convert Parametric to EQ116, when I right click on the EQ buttons in these projects? :unsure:

Printing compression and EQ while tracking ITB

Hi guys and girls,
Hope you're having a good week.
I think this is a pretty straightforward question.
I can understand that you would want to track a sweet sounding outboard compressor on a vocal or acoustic guitar, or get a more focused sound with an outboard EQ coming in.
The thing is, would you do this with plugins?
Would there be any advantage to setting up plugins and printing them into the recording on the way in, as opposed to just using them later on the recorded sound?

EQ & compression

Hello, new to the forum and I seek wisdom and prosperity.

I'm thinking about the way to mix e.g. a guitar.

First you filter out frequencies, then at some stage you compress.

My thought about this (I may not have understood compression completely yet) is that when i EQ out some Hz, but then add a compressor, won't that compressor boost the Hz i didnt want to some extent?

How would it affect the sound if I were to switch it around. First compression, then filter and EQ?

Please, enlighten me!



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