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Please Help Me!

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Okay, I've never recorded anything in my life, but I play a lot of instruments and write songs and stuff. I'm doin' a project for my senior english class on recording. (The only real reason is so I can record a demo for my band) Anyways, I have no idea where to start on writing my research paper, or any idea what the crap I'm doing at all for that matter. So if anyone out there could give me any info that would help me out I would apreciate it. Any good websites, books, or anything that would take up space on a research paper about the recording process would be great. You can either reply to this or email me at

Thanks for your help.


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AudioGaff Fri, 01/16/2004 - 06:28
Doing a research paper requires YOU to go and do research. Use that PC of yours and search the net. Better yet, get off you butt and go to the public library. Why are you looking for the shortcut and lazy way to do this? This is a chance to really learn something that you are interested in, don't just slack your way through it.

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Pro Audio Guest Fri, 01/16/2004 - 12:37
I'm really looking for more of a general overview, but anything you can give me would help.

And hey, to the guy who made the "lazy" comment... I have been searching the net. How do you think I found this site? I haven't gone to the library yet, but it's on my to-do list. I really do want to learn, so I'm not tryin' to be lazy, I just wanted the help of some people who might know more about recording than I do.

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Pro Audio Guest Mon, 02/02/2004 - 08:13
Originally posted by Thomas W. Bethel:
Another GREAT site with lots of info on it is which is a site about mastering but there is a whole lot of information there.

Hope this helps.
WOW! Great site, LOTS of info!!!

"Quick tip: Keep any paper labels off your master CDRs - they inhibit the rotational balance and can cause the player's error correction to work harder. Tip 2: Only write on the top of CDRs with a soft felt-tip pen prior to burning the CDR, not after. The top is more fragile than the bottom!"

I knew about the paper, but I had NO idea about labeling your CDs BEFORE you burn... totally worth getting out of bed today! :D