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Hello all,
please take pity on this newbie (to the group) dumb question. I recently went from my trusty old BR-1200 to the BR-1600; however, I don't believe it has the v2 upgrade and I want to be able to transfer between the BR12 and the BR16. I downloaded the v2 upgrade onto my computer, but want to make sure I don't screw anything up in uploading to the BR16. So, my questions are...
(1) How do I upload the v2 upgrade to the BR1600? I believe I just open the zip files on my computer, download the individual programs onto CD-R, then put the CD-R into the BR16 and hopefully it will do the rest. Is this correct?

(2) If the BR16 already has the v2 upgrade on it, will I screw anything up when I go to try to upload the (unnecessary) upgrade?

Thanks for your patience and knowledge.

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oboogie2 Sat, 04/30/2011 - 15:43


Hi, thanks, I solved the problem, but now I have another and hope this is not the wrong forum. Does anyone know if (and how) you can download and transfer a song (tracks in song or data form) from the BR-1600 to a ProTools system- for the purpose of a drummer than recording drums to it- and then transferring it back to the BR-1600 for further work and mastering? My fear is that there will be a software issue, but I really don't know.