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Boss BR1600CD

Looking for a bit of help. I have a BR1600CD, great machine. I'm having a bit of difficulty with the recording level when I create a V Track on 9/10. I'm trying to bounce two drum tracks, 4 and 8 to 9/10, however the recording level drops to about half way so the drum track gets lost. Just not loud enough. Have tried eq etc, no luck, Can you help?

Question on Boss BR-1600CD v2 upgrade.

Hello all,
please take pity on this newbie (to the group) dumb question. I recently went from my trusty old BR-1200 to the BR-1600; however, I don't believe it has the v2 upgrade and I want to be able to transfer between the BR12 and the BR16. I downloaded the v2 upgrade onto my computer, but want to make sure I don't screw anything up in uploading to the BR16. So, my questions are...