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Hi, I'm currently studying A-Level Music Tech and I'm really getting into it as i have always liked recording. I want to pursue it further and do a course that will then lead on (hopefully) to a job in a studio.

At the moment i am looking at courses such as a BA (hons) Degree in Music Production, BA (hons) Degree in Creative Music Technology and a Applied Audio Engineering & Production Course, this last course doesn't actually give you a diploma or degree it only gives you a qualification in pro tools. The Audio Engineering course seems to cover all the things i want and it sounds really good, but I'm just not sure if it will actually allow me to get into work as its not a degree etc.

So basically i was just looking for some advice as to what courses i should go for, if you were offering a job what would you look for etc. All help is much appreciated,

P.S i would love to hear from people doing recording related courses at the moment


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