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Tascam ATR-60 8 track - Good price? And help to understand (missing manuals)

Hi folks,

this is my first thread here after soooo much reading of this supercool forum! I hope that the thread will be helpful for other people too.

I want to buy my first multitrack - accually on 70% I bought it - I made a deal with a seller and I have one week for change my mind. It is Tascam ATR 60 8 tape recorder with: (see attached pics)

Budget Interfaces just a question about a Lexicon i-onix u82s

I have a chance to scoop one of these up cheap ... ... I understand it's a discontinued product, it does have available drivers for windows 7 /64 bit ( I have a desktop that will support it). I'm not finding much in reviews, The odd posting about failures and the odd posting about the dbx preamps having a limited range on the gain controls ...

is someone kind enough to share some tracks

Hello to You!

I'm new to this forum and I'm really sorry if this is the wrong place to post topic like this.

This is my situation. I'm supposed to make a simple audio mix, a song, from a 5 or more recorded audio tracks. My problem is that I don't have enough time to buy equipment needed for recording and setup my studio.


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