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Need some help or suggestions.

I'm only going to record hardware synths. (all controlled by midi)
Plan is to only use outboard effects and the
eq on my Venice and just record the stereo
out from the mixer to my soundcard.

With this approach, how do I connect my active monitors?

Soundcard is a emu tracker pre usb. 2.0

Seems like this is a pretty low-fi way of recording
but I don't see why it wouldn't suit me.

Thanks for reading


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Codemonkey Sat, 12/12/2009 - 17:16

You probably have two options:

Get a line level send from the Venice going into your monitors.
Hook the L/R outputs from the EMU to the monitors.

I'll assume the EMU does hardware monitoring, otherwise you get latency issues.

What plan you use depends on what outputs are available on the Venice.

Note that if you hook up directly to the Venice, then to listen to the recording afterwards you would have to move the connections (or plug the EMU into the Venice and turn that up)

Boswell Mon, 12/14/2009 - 02:58

I'm puzzled. You have a Midas Venice and a rack of outboard effects, yet you have an entry-level EMU 2-channel interface and are asking basic questions about how to connect it up. Something is out of kilter...

Anyway, the powered monitors connect to the 1L and 2R outputs of the EMU. The Venice outputs can connect to the line inputs of the EMU on the combo jacks. However, the Venice likes to put out around +24dBu of signal, which is way too much for the +9dBu inputs of your EMU. You would be better off connecting to the Tape outputs of the Venice using RCA-TS leads. The input level will be controllable through the normal EMU control panel.


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