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midas venice

Midas Venice and Live - Questions!

So as part of 2013's plan to get OTB as much as possible I got myself a Midas Venice F24. It's my first ever mixing console and I wanted to make sure to get the best I could.

It is awesome. I'm running a 12U Euro set-up into it plus a Tanzbar and a few synths. As a purely analog solution it is great. But I don't have the same kind of hardware effects as I do plugins and so I want to make use of the firewire with Live.

Recording with a Midas Venice


Need some help or suggestions.

I'm only going to record hardware synths. (all controlled by midi)
Plan is to only use outboard effects and the
eq on my Venice and just record the stereo
out from the mixer to my soundcard.

With this approach, how do I connect my active monitors?

Soundcard is a emu tracker pre usb. 2.0

Midas Venice, Toft ATB, or Trident 8T

I'm wanting to get a small analog console for my studio. I've used a Ramsa DA7 for around 8 years, it died, and I want to move on. I can get a Midas Venice 320 for less than $3700 shipped. The other consoles I'm thinking about (Trident and Toft) are in range budge-wise as well. I am just wanting some feedback/recommendations/opinions... Thanks. Just trying to come to a conclusion SOON.

Midas Venice 160 Pricing

Hey guys.

I'm squirrelling away my pennies for one of these and I see prices that are all over the map!

A guy on ebay sells them new for 2300 which seems too good to be true.

I see online the retail is somewhere around 3400, but I'm not sure.

I have a quote from my favorite tube guy who carries these for 2995 plus tax. I'd like to buy it from him.

Does that sound reasonable?

Thanks in advance.

Midas Venice 240 vs. Soundcraft Ghost LE


I'm looking to upgrade my recording studio console. I'll be tracking up to 16 live tracks, and this board will be used for recording only. I've seen/heard the Midas Venice in a live situation before but never in the studio. I know it's intended for more of a live usage, but the 16 pre/post fader direct outs are very appealing to me since that directly applies to my recording setup. I recently found the Soundcraft Ghost LE. I'm not positive of the direct out capability on this board, I know the LX7ii has direct outs.

Midas Venice 320 tape output levels

Hello all,

I hope I am putting this in the right place. I apologize if it is not. I need some help recording. I am the sound guy at my church, not because I know what I am doing but because I "inherited" the position. The problem I am having is getting the recording level higher. We have a tape deck plugged into the Tape Out port. The recording level is turned all the way up on the deck, but I can't seem to find out how to get the output of the board higher. The board is a Midas Venice 320. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

Midas Venice 320 vs. Crest HP Eight 32/5

I am looking at getting a Midas Venice 320 or a Crest Audio HP Eight 32 mono/5 stereo console. I am the singer/writer/producer for a NIN/Marilyn Manson type band and I am looking for the best console to use in the studio and at local venues.

I have opted to get my own mixer so that I can have more options and control over the sound in the club environment. I will be using the board as the main board and to send aux mixes to the band via IEM.

Midas Venice track for HIP HOP?

I am a pop songwriter/programmer and occasional mixer. i sing too. my setup looks like this.

MPC 3000 - Drums and Samples
Pair of Techs 1200 turntables - to sample from
Triton Le
Roland xp30
Cheapo Behringer 604a? 4channel minimixer

G4 400mhz
Digi 001
RME Multiface
MOTU Micro Express (midi)
Software: PTle, DP 3.1, Reason 2.0

I am trying to organize my studio with a mixer but i have never done this before so i wanted to ask if i am missing anything. I am looking at a Midas VENICE 160.



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