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What is up with that vocal chain? I saw them on Saturday Night Live and they achieved the same dirty vox using a 58. I distorded pre, telephonish eq and nasty compression but what exactly is it?

Fill me in.Thanks

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kent powell Mon, 01/21/2002 - 10:30

I saw that performance as well. I don't know the chain used or have any guesses. I know it's not what you are looking for, but I would have said that most of his unique vocal sound was just him, the singer, and what he did with his voice, and to a lesser degree, his mic technique. Like the way he'd get up close to maximize the proximity effect on those Jim Morrison sounding passages, then back way off for the less intimate screamy parts. Pretty cool, I thought. I'd be interested to hear if anyone does know any special gear info on them, though.

anonymous Sat, 01/26/2002 - 20:32

I can't believe that it is ONLY mic technique. I too have put my hands around the mic and it sounds bassy for the obvious reasons but the sound on the record has a nice overdrive that one does not acheive just mic tech. It sound very analog tubish preamp overdrive combined with his techn.
Perhaps here is a question then. How does one get that nice overdrive with a mic pre and comp not using lame PODS or digital plugz?

anonymous Sun, 01/27/2002 - 21:29

Isaw those guys about 2 years ago at the mercury lounge and ill be hoenst with you that guys voice is half the battle. There is definitly a guitar pedal/mic pre of some sort ovedrdrive on hsi voice but most of its just that hes been doing that for a while and i dont care what anyone says thos guys "got it". They didnt a few years ago but its all good now.

anonymous Mon, 01/28/2002 - 20:12

Yes, you can help it a bit, but it´s the guy´s vocal technique. I have had very good results with a 57 on a TLA eq through it´s mic pres, eq on mono mode, overdriving the first stage a little, and then the right channel bridged goes to a DBX 160X. Sometimes it´s all I need for that hardcore vocal sound.
...Just my two patacones :)

Dave McNair Tue, 01/29/2002 - 16:55

Yeah that guy has the Morrison/Lou Reed vocal thing down cold, but there is most definitely some added distortion on the record. Sounds to me like a guiter pedal or a Sans amp or some kind of plugin. That record also sounds very ProTooled, partly in the sonics and partly cause every beat and guitar rhythm sounds like it lines up perfectly.

anonymous Tue, 01/29/2002 - 21:53

My friends girlfriend records with the guy who did the record she think he uses logic cause that was the only one that seemed farmiliar to her. I have to say though when you recording in a 35$ an hour studio and you were the prize of one of the biggest bidding wars in majors land in recent years you ahve the time to play every note exactly right and then some. Ya know? They got an obscene amount of money and more of it has went to drinks @ Don Hills and Black & White then to that recording.