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Recording classic vocal (baritone) and piano


I'm asked to film a classic vocal and piano. Just for fun, no audience. In the past I've done some bigbandrecordings but this classic thing is a bit out of my confortzone. Filmwise I'll be ok but on the audioside I'm not Shure how to set up things. It's going to be recorded in an old barn with a wooden floor. Some of my mics I can use are 1x Austrian audio OC18, 2x Neumann km184, 1x AKG C414 xls, 1x AKG C214, 4x Oktava MK012, 2x Line audio cm3, 2x Line audio Omni1, and lot of dynamic and pzm mics. I'll record in 32bit float.
Any tips for mic placing?

Cubase users with Kontakt Vocal instruments


I'm doing much more composition and arrangement stuff post Covid - and have bought quite a few packages. The least satisfying ones are the vocal packs - I like the haunting melodies so Irish, clasical, opera type voices and a few of the package have similar features. Oooh, aahs and stuff are fine, but words are tricky - the ones where you have to create each word take so much time, and as a composer I'm no good with words, so for me they're out - but I have a couple where there are phrases - in one, you select French or Latin, and there are little snippets you can play in.

High frequency resonnance on vocal recording


Hi guys,
I recorded vocals lately, and cannot get rid of aggressive high frequencies that weren't there before...
You can hear the main nasty frequency around 3-4Khz and some other ones from1 to 3 kHZ ( audio: Creep_VXREC_WA87ChorusAnnecy 1&2 )
I recorded the same vocals 1 month ago in another flat, and it was fine ( see audio "Creep_VXREC_WA87ChorusDundee").

Bad vocal tracking in my "treated" room



I am not satisfied with vocal tracking, it seems that I sing in a box and the voice seems as muffled. So if someone can refer me to a solution it would be great because this stiff turn me crazy.

So I take my shots via SM7B + FetHead + mogami cable >> preamp "UA610" unison simulation in "APOLLO TWIN" in thunderbolt connection to my mac MBP 2012 SSD AND 16 GB of RAM.

I chose a spot in a corner where the bass is not very present.

How to get this vocal sound


I started working on music again recently and admittedly, I haven't worked much on vocals in my life. The new Tool album has some vocals that are straightforward but I really like the effect. In the verse of the song Pneuma, it seems like the engineer it using multiple takes of the vocal and maybe a really tight reverb with maybe a small reverse reverb. I would like to figure out how to get that specific sound and would love any detailed analysis of the actual technique to get it.

The vocals I am talking about start at about 5:00. The link to the song is located here:

Builder recommendations in Eastern US-CT: vocal isolation booth, ~7'x12'


I have an 8'x12' corner available within a larger room (with 8' ceiling) for a vocal isolation booth.

Any builder recommendations in the Eastern Connecticut area who can get it quiet in there? I'm on the fence about doing it myself - if I can avoid construction I'd like to.