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How to add thrash metal vocal effects?

How do I add reverb and delay OMG. I can't add anything to my vocals via vst because then it sucks.. so I plug in my two vocal pedals while recording 1 reverb and 1 doubler and if I do this then I can't use the compressor or eq because the effects are already there.. WHAT CAN I DO OMG how u add a delay which sits!!!!!  how do you add reverb? 

2. question:

High frequency resonnance on vocal recording

Hi guys,
I recorded vocals lately, and cannot get rid of aggressive high frequencies that weren't there before...
You can hear the main nasty frequency around 3-4Khz and some other ones from1 to 3 kHZ ( audio: Creep_VXREC_WA87ChorusAnnecy 1&2 )
I recorded the same vocals 1 month ago in another flat, and it was fine ( see audio "Creep_VXREC_WA87ChorusDundee").

Builder recommendations in Eastern US-CT: vocal isolation booth, ~7'x12'

I have an 8'x12' corner available within a larger room (with 8' ceiling) for a vocal isolation booth.

Any builder recommendations in the Eastern Connecticut area who can get it quiet in there? I'm on the fence about doing it myself - if I can avoid construction I'd like to.