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Hey there,

I'm in the process of setting up a small studio/mixing space, and one of the requirements is the ability to monitor a wide variety of sources in just about every possible surround format. I'm having a hard time tracking down a single solution to be able to use an active monitor system (like a set of HR624s/HS120 or comparable active monitor setup), but not simply for surround mixdown. I need to be able to audition encoded audio through the system, so that will include a variety of sources (DVD, game consoles, PC output, etc.) but also be able listen to these in AC-3, DTS, ProLogic, etc...

Since I'm looking to use an active monitor system, I don't need an amp, simply a decoder that handles all these formats and will integrate nicely into a system that allows me to seamlessly switch between all these sources.

Anyone got any tips on gear that does this? Haven't seen anything.




anonymous Sun, 02/27/2005 - 18:23

just to say that I'm in a similar situation. the diferencies are: My software is Adobe Audition 1.5 (Cool Edit)

Hardware is a MONA 24 from ECHO AUDIO and my monitors are 5 Yamaa MSP 5, plus the sub.

Is there anyone with a similar setup to contact with, because I'm having several problems to make it sound in 5.1.