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Just spent a couple of days recording a singer and piano (Schuman Song cycle).

Recording consisted of Decca tree with a stereo pair of cardioids for the middle to give a little more control over the amount of ambient sound and some spot mics on piano and over singer.

All sounds fine with a nice open sound using 1641 into Audition 3 at 24 bit 96k, but.

On playback I am aware of high pitched difficult to define noise. I can here it but others cant so it must be quite high.

Noticeable when recording to some extent and more so on rough mixes burnt to CDR using Audition rate converter to 44.1 16 bit CD quality.

Any ides on the cause would be helpfull

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Boswell Thu, 06/02/2011 - 02:19

You will have to give us a little more detail. Is it a fixed frequency you can hear or a spread of high frequencies? Is the noise there when the performers are not playing? If so, can you post a spectrum plot that shows the sort of high-frequency elevation you are trying to track down?

It would also help us if you were to give a quick list of your gear in the signal chain for these recordings.