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I try to find more information about this compressor. Any body can help me out ? It's seem that every direction was pointed to 1176
I would like to find the history info of this unit. It's seem the good unit to me.(After I'd listen to it for a while)


Guest Wed, 06/30/2004 - 05:13

An 1178 is a mono or stereo [but probably best not used dual mono because like the RNC it has only one set of attack and release controls] compressor/limiter.

It, like most of the "silver faced" UREI products of that time has a transformerless input which is great for cutting costs on manufacturing, but not so great for getting that "1176" sound we've grown to know and love.

They still have their uses... I quite like them for compressing the snot out of a pair of stereo room mics on drums, or doing a parallel compression bus on a drum kit and smashing it through the 1178... a friend of mine will actually use one across the stereo bus from time to time as he says it makes his records "sound like a KISS record" but I've never been all that into the sound of an 1178 across the mix bus.

All in all... pound for pound, dollar for dollar... I think the Toft ATC-2 is a much better way to drop $1,000... the equalizer in the thing is quite cool, and the compression in many ways can sound very similar to the compression from an 1178... with the added bonus of being new, which means it probably won't require maintenance for the next several years.

I hope this is of some assistance, best of luck with your search.