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United Recording Electronics Industries

Insulated from the recording studio changes, Universal Audio was thriving upstairs in the first Hollywood building under the new name United Recording Electronics Industries (UREI). The manufacturing and design company had acquired the patent rights to the electro-optical LA-2A leveling amplifier. UREI also acquired National Intertel, which became the Teletronix division. From this acquisition came technology which developed into the 1176 peak limiter in 1968, and the 1108 FET preamp.

Other well-received UREI products included the LA-4 electro-optical compressor limiter, the UREI Teletronix LA-3A electro-optical leveling amplifier and the 500-series UREI graphic equalizers.

By 1976, UREI had moved their manufacturing and service center to Sun Valley, California.

Using room acoustics/eq to increase headroom on passive mains (urei 813c's)

i was talking to a dude about these speakers the urei 813c's.

he was saying that when he had them paired w/ a mcintosh 2500 power amp, that he did something (forget what he said) to the amp's transformer, or something that allowed that amp to push all it's wattage as opposed to just the 500 per channel it does unmodified.

Urei LA4 as a gain stage for microphone

Noobie here. yes, you have endured one novice question before and I ask for your patience again. . Have any of you ever used the gain in a vintage compressor like the LA4 to preamp a mic signal? I did this the other night as my Ward Beck's aren't powered yet and I had to test a new reverb so I ran my tube mic into the Urei and then to the reverb then to an XLR into Pro Tools. It added an awesome gain to the tube mic and had me dreaming of what may be. .made my mic sound wonderful! Is this capable of hurting anything in the chain?

urei opinions..

hey guys... i recently managed to pick up a UREI 7510b 'auto mic mixer' nice and cheap (i'm talking cheaper than the price of the smallest Behringer mixer!) with twelve preamps and direct outs. i think it was designed for conferences and chuches as a mixer but has anyone used one of these for tracking anything... if so ... what? how can i expectr this to compare to anything else that urei made?
i'm going to be giving it a test run soon on drums and guitar in a medium sized room into Cubase so i'll let you know how i get on...

Urei 539

So i have two 27 band (odd?) urei 539s. They have terminal blocks on the back, however there are also 1/4" jacks. The manual i found doesn't indicate they have them so i'm thinking it was a custom job. So i hooked them up with unbalances TS cables and they wouldn't process, they just passed the audio through. Could it be that i must use TRS? Or is it that i just have to cut and strip some TRS cables and assume the custom job was no good?

urei 1178 gain & electronics..

There's bound to be electronically educated people here on this forum?
I have a specific question concerning the urei 1178 (early 80ies version)..
if i were to feed it with a fairly low level, and i crank up the level using the in- and output gain, will there be other artifacts apart from higher noise?..excess distortion for example?... I know i should just use my ears, but i'm just curious what happens electronically..

Urei LA 4 silverface need help

I just got a pair of Urei LA 4 in my home studio when I patch it to my Mackie board... the sound that coming out is very bright and clean (lack of bottom also) I'm not sure that this kind of sound is the character of the LA 4 or not. Coz' when I listen to my old Urei 1178 I can tell unit have character not like LA 4. Do I miss anything like... little modification at the out put strip or. this unit is not in the good shape? (All function is working as I can see)
Anybody who use to work with LA 4 please help.

Urei 1178

I try to find more information about this compressor. Any body can help me out ? It's seem that every direction was pointed to 1176
I would like to find the history info of this unit. It's seem the good unit to me.(After I'd listen to it for a while)


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