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I have a question: I'm planning to buy a pair of monitors for my project studio at home. Since the space is limited one of the monitors will be very close ( less than 40 cm) to my video monitor. Do I have to buy video shielded monitors, or can I buy non-shielded monitors and do something to make it work ?
I can get a pair of KRK K-ROK (non-shielded) for a good price but is it mission impossible to make them work that close to my video monitor?
If I had the money I would go for the KRK V4 (non-shielded)
Any ideas or experience would be very helpful.


quartermoonpro Fri, 08/08/2003 - 17:44

I had a similar experience, in that I had an older pair of Tannoy PBM8's that are unshielded. There are "films" that you can buy to line the inside of the cabinets with, but it is very expensive, thick and hard to work with. Some people have had some luck by attaching a "Donut" magnet to the back of the drivers for magnetic cancellation, but again, you have to have the correct size and also find a very super glue to adhere the magnetic "donut" to the back of the speaker driver....
I've also heard of people getting a large piece of steel to shield the monitors from the speakers... Quite honestly, I ended up buying another pair of shielded monitors.. Or.. you could consider buying a new Flat Panel computer monitor.. the LCD ones don't have a problem with undshielded speakers.. Just my 1 cent worth.
Good Luck,

Opus2000 Fri, 08/08/2003 - 19:34

CRT monitors are very susceptible(sp?) to magnet discoloration and so forth.

I have the same thing with my Yamaha NS-10's in which I was going to have them lay flat and then I was going to put my KRK V4's on top of them..

instead I had to put them at least a foot away so that they would not affect the monitors in any way.

Unfortunately as Brad mentioned it's almost safer to buy newer speakers or get LCD monitors rather than modify the speakers themselves.

it would be a shame to change the characteristics of a speaker unless it made them better in the long run

Just my $.02 worth


anonymous Sun, 08/10/2003 - 02:06

Thank you very much for your input.
Well I'd rather wait and buy a pair of KRK V4's instead... I will get them for less than the K-ROK + a LCD monitor.
OPUS, you do have the KRK V4's... I have a question about them: Can you run them on 230 V at 50 Hz? Since they are almost half the price in the states I'd rather buy them there.
I've mailed the KRK support about this but I've got no reply.