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Recording studio monitors

Monitoring with Samplitude Pro X

Monitoring with Magix Samplitude Pro X

In this video I show how I do my monitoring setups with RME Totalmix FX and also using Samplitude alone for those who don't have a virtual mixer for their interface. 

One of my Youtube Viewer bought a Presonus Q2626, it seems to not have a virtual mixer and aimed to be driven by studio one..  I hope this will work with samp as well. 

Let me know what you think. How do you manage monitoring outputs, with or without multiple signals for headphones.. 

Direct monitoring using cuemix and cubase 10

Hi all,

As I'm new to this forum, I'd like to give a little background about me. I'm a hobbyist who doesn't record/mix/master for commercial use at all.
Just a hobby that went completely out of hand and used solely to track rehearsals and make a "decent" recording once a year.


Passive Monitor Controller- Take 2

Some time ago, I sold my Cranesong Avocet (which was awesome). I was doing less and less music work and more and more electronics, so it was time to simplify. I built a very simple completely passive monitor controller with just the bare minimum features. It was just for me, so it was not pretty but functional. It has a stepped attenuator, polarity, L& R mutes and Mono.

Trying to use my Active sub with active monitors

Hi all,
My power amp has blown, so I'll be getting some near gear, and was hoping to be able to use my sub in my new setup.
At the moment, it's
Audio interface (Which needs to be replaced as not working with Windows 10) ---> Power amp ----> Sub woofer (PSB Image subsonic 6) -------> Tannoy reaveals PASSIVE monitors.

First pair of mastering monitors


Hi everybody,

I'm looking to upgrade my monitors and looking for my first pair of mastering grade monitors. I've heard a few of the PMC & ATC's in other studios but my budget won't stretch to the larger models.
I've seen the PMC Result 6's - their entry level monitors, would they be suitable? Or should I save up for something else?
Thanks in advance for any advice

Monitors around 200 bucks each.

Hey ya'll im considering a pair of monitors mainly for messing around- writing, trying out my considerable collection of new plugs and vsti. I will probably get another set when i setup a studio room at this place and get my main system set-up. The only one's ive heard is the yammy's which im leaning towards. Im considering krk, but feel uneasy about dsp in my speakers (potential for added latency, additional conversion). I dont usually care for jbl but the online demo seemed reasonable watever that's worth. Khali has decent reviews.