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What to add?

hi everyone, i have really enjoyed reading a lot of the threads here. i was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for me.

i do a lot of my own recordings and even a lot to pre-made karaoke tracks for the hell of it. it is basically just a hobby as i love to sing.

now, for months i've been borrowing my father's microphone, a Blue Bluebird. however, it is time to give it back and before that i was using a very cheap thing (like something from radio shack).

all my research is pointing to the purchase of the Audio-Technica AT3035. i have a Mackie mixer and record everything in adobe audition. i have various plugins with that such as stuff from waves, etc.

the vocal sound i'm basically looking for that of drake bell ( first song upper right "I Know") as my vocals sound a lot like his.

any suggestions? thanks!